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Incontinence doesn’t have to limit your Life.
Becoming incontinent no longer means embarrassment and limited social activities.

Adult Diapers.. Do not be ashamed.

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One of the more difficult things a person can go through in life is incontinence. Although as a society we've become more sensitive about many issues, for some reason incontinence and the use of diapers to manage it is a topic that remains shrouded in shame. While many cases of incontinence can be cured using surgery, medicines, and other methods, there are some instances of incontinence that are temporary or not serious enough to dictate surgery. In situations such as these, the prudent course of action would be to use protective garments such as diapers. With this website I will share tips, tricks and information I have learned along the way. As an active adult person who has had to wear adult diapers much of my life I will also review products and give you my honest opinion on the product. Hopefully My information will help people feel more confident and help them overcome the tremendous stigma associated with having to wear adult diapers.


Adult Diaper and Diaper Covers Reviews and Thoughts.

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I am fecal incontinent, active, and have long spells where I have no access to a bathroom. Because of this I tend to favor the heavy brief type diapers and have a negative bias towards the pullup type. My condition is rare and most people with incontinence problems have bladder or bladder and bowel control problems. Also, statistically people with bladder and bowel problems are not active. Because of my unique problem, activity level, and age it puts me in a good position to test products under more severe conditions than some of the products where designed for.


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The shear volume of brands, and types of adult briefs can be mind boggling for someone who is just starting to wear adult diapers. Something of this importance and where failure is not an option warrants a little research before just buying a bag of diapers from CVS and hoping for the best. You can wear diapers discreetly even with fecal incontinence. You can leave you home unafraid and live a full and active life. Let me take some of guess work out of it for you and give my thoughts on different brands and styles of diapers.

First I go over ever diaper I review discussing the price, look, general thoughts, tapes, etc. Then I put the diapers on to show you how they look and fit. After I show you how they will look under clothes I proceed to wear the diapers all day, at work, and in public. At the end of the day I tell you my general thoughts on the diaper.



Diaper covers and general incontinence Tips and Tricks

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When wearing diapers there are many other items that can be used to help you be discreet and comfortable. Including diaper covers or rubber pants as they used to be called, soaps and creams, odor reducing pills, and many other things that I have found very useful. In this section I will describe and review many of these items and give general tips I have learned about how to handle incontinence with diapers.


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Tips like hot to reapir a broken tape on the run using duck tape as shown in this picture, Or how to wash you diaper covers so they don't get a permanent stain. I have learned many things throughout the years that you will only learn by wearing diapers or listening to somebody who does have to wear diapers. Check this section out to learn some of them.



Diaper absorbency testing

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All the diapers I review also get a absorbency test . First I weigh the adult briefs so I can calculate a weight to absorbency factor.






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Then I slowly fill the adult diapers with a measured amount of water until a leak occurs.

Check out to see how the diapers stack up here.More »

Why build a site about adult diapers and their usage?

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Whenever I read an ad for an incontinence garment especially those products that are called “underwear like” by the manufacturer and the ad says something along these lines “makes the wearer feel more dignified” I cringe. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not against people using these types of products, I just know they aren’t right for me and feel there is lots of false advertising floating about. In certain situations people are using a hammer to put in a screw and they get frustrated and embarrassed. They're simply not using the right tool. Most doctors don’t help except to say you have a problem. Most so called experts have only put diapers on other people and have never had to wear them. Just like a carpenter or woodworker uses certain kinds of saws to make certain types of cuts, people should use the most appropriate and effective garment to manage their incontinence and since people have different types of incontinence their choice of what garments to wear will be different. What sort of garment to choose is dependent on a number of factors-type and level of incontinence, whether it occurs during the day, night, or both, personal preferences, how comfortable the product is, price, whether the person is concerned about maintaining discretion ,if they have the time and inclination to wash reusable garments, how certain products effect the wearer's skin, etc…etc.. So many questions. So many wrong answers. I will attempt to give advice on my years of trials and errors in an attempt to keep you from having to reinvent the wheel.

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About Me

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My Condition.

Due to a relatively rare neurologic disorder I have had moderate fecal incontinence for about 20 years. My incontinence can mostly be controlled through diet and timing. Accidents only occurs during times of heavy physical strain like sneezing, lifting heavy objects, or sometimes during sleep. The damage I have is not progressive and will not get any worse. My condition is relatively controllable without affecting my life style so Surgery is not an option at this point and as long as I eat right and pay attention to my bowel movement times I almost never have a problem during the day. But.. if I do have an accident it can be a complete empting so I always where an undergarment. I have 3 children, wife, house, job and lead a very active life without letting my problem get in the way.

My YouTube channel

Currently all my review videos are hosted on Youtube. They get more exposure there and I don't yet have the bandwidth on this web server to host them here. I am slowly in the process of upping my bandwidth on this site and in the future all videos will be hosted here.

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Adult diaper reviews and information.

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